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Spring 2021 - we are offering online and outside classes this spring!

Robinsongs For Kids now offering Music Together With Japanese!

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「Music Together With Japanese」では、幅広いジャンルの音楽を体験していくなかで、子供たちの自由な表現力、感受性を発見し、正しい音感とリズム感を身につけていきます。子供ひとりひとりの成長を見守っていく暖かい環境を提供いたします。音楽教室を通して、毎日の子育てが楽しくなり、家族みんなが笑顔になれるきっかけがたくさん見つかるはずです。







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This special new Robinsongs For Kids class immerses your family in a rich music making environment where Japanese language and folk songs weave together with our Music Together curriculum to create a culturally diverse, musically delightful experience.  Taught by Momo Kajiwara, children ages birth through 5 years absorb, play, and grow with songs, rhythmic rhymes and activities from around the world.  Using the same developmentally appropriate, research based teaching methodology that sets Music Together apart, Music Together with Japanese will support your child on their path to become a joyful music maker!

In this class instruction will mostly be in Japanese while the songs (and the songbooks) will be in English.  There will be some Japanese lyrics as well as a few Japanese songs in each class.  This class is perfect for Japanese families as well as anyone who would like to expose their families to Japanese language and music.

The Spring 2021 session lasts for 10 weeks and begins on March 29th.  We are offering both online and outside classes this spring.

The spring classes are at the following day/time:   

Online:  Sundays at 9:00 - classes are 40 minutes in length.
Outside:  Sundays at 10:45 and 12:00 - classes are 40 minutes in length

The dates are:  

For online classes:  $205 family rate (siblings free).
For outside classes:  $205 for first child and $140 sibling fee for 2nd child.
*The tuition includes including illustrated songbook, CD, downoad code in addition to Zoom/outside classes, Facebook live events and other content.

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Music Together Online with Japanese
Music Together Online with Japanese Sunday
9:00 AM
04/04/21 Momo Kajiwara Register

Music Together With Japanese Outside
Music Together With Japanese Outside Sunday
10:45 AM
04/04/21 Momo Kajiwara Register