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Parents love Robin's Music Together® classes in Ann Arbor!  Hear what people have to say:


We love Robin and Music Together! Robin is a talented artist with a gift for communicating and interacting with children. They are naturally drawn to her energetic, happy and carefree spirit. Our daughter talks about Robin practically every day and her face lights up when she sees her. An added bonus is that the music is fun, catchy and enjoyable for the entire family.  We can’t sing the praises of Music Together and Robin enough!

Andrea Ribick, Ann Arbor

Robin's classes are amazing!  She's energetic, sweet, incredibly musical and fun.  My daughter loves the class so much that she talks about it all week long, and walks around with a picture of Robin in her own little album!

Simona Goldin, Ann Arbor

At six months old our son would sit captivated by Robin as she led class.  At one year, we could calm him down in an airport or a traffic jam by singing "biddy biddy bum bum."  No matter what else was going on, he could not resist tapping his hands on his knees, or banging a toy on the floor to the music.  At two, he wakes up singing rhythm patterns.  At night, asks us to "read" his "music books" to him, which means turning the pages, talking about the pictures, and singing the songs.  If we sing the wrong words he corrects us.  Last week we bought him a new pair of shoes, which have big round rubber soles.  He was delighted.  "Like Robin," he said. This class, and his teacher Robin, have been a huge and wonderful part of his young life.

Jesse Garskof, Ann Arbor

My kids love, and I mean L-O-V-E Robin.  Watching the musical growth in our daughters and in our home life has been astounding.  For me, the true joy of the class is having an activity in which our two girls can fully participate together.  Music Together class is the highlight of our week.

Meghan Wernimont, Ann Arbor

Robin's genuine enthusiasm is contagious.  My child LOVES his musical experience and frequently hums, sings, or dances around the house thanks to her classes.  She is ALWAYS engaged and ALWAYS focused on the kids experience. When I tell him we are getting in the car to see Robin, he gets visibly excited and starts listing the songs he wants to sing with two years old!  My child has problems with large groups but has really come out of his shell since taking these classes. Robin's easy smile and welcoming assurances has really helped him  open up.”

Bridgette Sparks, Saline

I started taking my son, Jonah, to Robin's Music Together class when he was about 5 months old. It's been perfect for every stage of his development, and he loves it more and more as he gets older. We drive to Ann Arbor from Jackson just for Robin's class, and it's definitely worth the drive!

Erin Kreger, Jackson

In searching for musical classes, we found that Robin has the best of both worlds to offer .....not only is she magically gifted in music and gestures, but she undoubtedly connects and mesmorizes all kids!  Both attributes were hard to find in our search!!

Tami Slaats, Ann Arbor

We truly appreciate Robinsongs.  Music Together develops a relationship with music, rhythm, and instruments -- as well as sharing, listening, following directions, encouraging self-expression, and social skills.  Robin has a beautiful voice and her enthusiasm is contagious.  My toddler daughter and I are excited to arrive;  have a fantastic time playing together;  and leave smiling.  We sing our favorites throughout the week.  My two-year-old knows all the words to most of each sessions songs.  Thank you for the wonderful music-making memories.

Jill Anthony, Ann Arbor

We are so happy that we have brought our girls to Robinsongs!  They love the songs and all the interaction the classes bring. They find things at home to make into shakers and sticks just like at Robin's class.  It's so fun to see their musicality develop. Jenna has gone from watching everything with her thumb in her mouth to lighting up when the songs start that she recognizes, to clapping and "dancing" with her big sister!  Cera now loves to sing, and can sing right in tune to almost all of the songs!

Julie Balk, Ypsilanti

"Is today a day to see Robin? I miss her..." What's your favorite song? "the Clap your hands song!"

Cera, age 3

Robin Robinson has been an inspired and beloved teacher at my center, Music Together of Manhattan, for eight years. Families love Robin. Her personality and musicianship are unequaled, and with her years of experience, I know that she will be a terrific Center Director. Michigan is lucky to have her!

Lynn Lobban, "Mommy" on MT cd's