I recently wrote an article for a local paper:  "Livingston Moms".  In it I talk about some basic Music Together® principles as related to a saying from the Zimbabwe culture, which could have been written by the MT marketing department!  With everything in me, I believe these principles:  everyone is musical, and everyone can benefit from making music.  Enjoy!


“If you can walk you can dance, and if you can talk you can sing.”  (Zimbabwe proverb). 
Add to that, “If you can crawl you can bop, and if you can coo you can croon,” and you
have the basic philosophy of Music Together.  Music Together is a research based
music program for young children and their parents.  Though much early childhood data
went into the development of this program, the basic concept is simple:  everyone is
musical.  All children can learn basic music competence - to sing in tune with accurate
rhythm.  And who is to lead your child in these musical endeavors?  Why, you, of
course!  Another basic tenet of the Music Together philosophy is that the parents'
participation is essential to a child's musical growth, regardless of their musical ability.
“Not me,” you might say, “I can't carry a tune in a bucket!”  But you probably sing in the
shower.  And would you refuse to teach your child to swim because you're not an
Olympic caliber swimmer?  Of course not!  When you quiet your inner critic and
participate in active music making with your child, you are modeling the idea that music
is joyful and everyone can do it.  And in Music Together class, the non-performance-
oriented approach helps promote that idea.  Never mind that the varied rhythms,
multiple tonalities and instrument play are stimulating their little brains on multiple levels; 
they are having fun.  And what do you know?  You are having fun!  Making “Music
Together” is very rewarding;  not only that, it's as easy as walking and talking.