(Oprah, your check is in the mail..)


First let me say - I LOVE the aha moment!  I have seen MANY over the years, and just witnessed one in class on Saturday.  A 14 month old boy, who recently started walking (talk about "aha!"), has been coming with his almost-3 year old sister since he was a tiny baby.  And he has watched/not watched, mouthed instruments/shook them a little - in short, done exactly what he should be doing in Music Together® class - anything he wants!  But on Saturday.  First the walking, which I hadn't seen yet.  Then the intense focus on me and the class's movements.  Then, as we did "Roll Over", his little fingers were twitching, his hands moving like crazy!  Was he trying to hold up the correct number of fingers?  ("there..were..FIVE in the bed").  Or roll his hands like we were doing on "so they all rolled over and one fell out"?   Whatever he was trying to do, he was REALLY trying to do it - he was participating!!  And it has often happened this way - that after weeks or months of just watching in class, they suddenly spring into action!  The aha moment!  Of course, it doesn't always happen this way.  More often it is a gradual process - a baby mouths his egg shaker, shakes it a little, and then back to mouthing.  Then later the shaking lasts longer than the mouthing.  Then the bopping to a song, or tapping on his legs for the "Hello" song.  And sometimes, as we must remember, a child prefers to just observe in class - even older children - and save his musical experimentation for home.  But those magical "aha" moments are fun to see - a certain class where musicality and participation just come bursting out!  Have you noticed any "aha" moments with your kids?  In class or outside of it?  Musically or otherwise?  Feel free it share it, and don't worry about bragging!  Aha!