Tell the truth - was there a moment of panic when I announced that in Music Together® YOUR participation was the most important part?  Did you want to go screaming from the room, or slink out due to a "forgotten" doctor's appointment?  And how many of you were told when you were younger that you had a bad singing voice (to mouth the words in chorus) or were uncoordinated?  The notion that you are the musical model for your child might seem crazy to you - shouldn't that be the teacher's role?  Well, just as you wouldn't hesitate to teach your child to swim even though you're not an Olympic swimmer, so you can teach your child to be a music maker!  The concept of Music Together is that EVERYONE is musical.  Everyone can achieve basic music competence (singing on pitch and keeping rhythm), but most important is that music making is an innate ability that we are all born with, just like walking and talking.  And just as children learn those concepts from you, so will they learn their musical behavior from you.  So when you are singing out and dancing in class, you are demonstrating that music is fun and everyone can do it!  And don't forget - you may not love your singing voice, but it is the sweetest sound in the world to your child.


So take the pressure off yourself, write your old choir teacher an imaginary letter telling her you refuse to mouth the words, and "Sing out, Louise"!!!  (ok, that's a musical theater reference you may not have gotten, but you get the point!).