Hooray!  I'm so excited to add a blog to my website!  It will be a wonderful way to share information with my families - Music Together® concepts, things I notice in class, or other interesting stuff that I come across.  So I'll try and ignore my dog staring at me (no, Lucy, we are not playing ball now!) and plow in!


The first topic I'd like to address is child participation.  In my nine years of teaching, I have heard the concerns from parents MANY times.  "My child is running around/sitting passively/trying to escape/clinging to me - is this normal?  To which I respond, a resounding, "YES"!  The single most important thing to remember about Music Together class is that there is NO pressure for a child to perform - to do the movements correctly or even at all!  This program recognizes that every child learns differently and is in a different place developmentally.  So some children will prefer to just observe in class - taking it all in to perhaps experiment with at home.  And the stimulus of class might make some children excited, so they run and jump, but you might be surprised to see what has seeped in while they were so busy!  And you might notice that your child who is outgoing in other situations (preschool, etc.) is shy in class.  Shyness with the teacher is VERY common, and I think that having Mommy or Daddy in class can make some children regress a little, into "clingy" mode.  But my point is:  it's all good!  As long as you continue to sing out/participate/have fun, you are modeling that engaged behavior for your child.  And make sure YOUR expectations don't get in the way, or comparisons to other children.  And don't be too hard on yourself, either!  (hmm - I might have the topic for my next blog).  Repeat after me:  "we are here to make music and have fun!"


Keep all of this in mind as you receive your Growth Charts this week.  The growth charts will point out musical behavior that you MIGHT see in your child, not that you SHOULD see.  They will help you to be more adept at noticing musical moments that you might be missing - things I notice in class all the time!


Thanks so much for reading my first blog post - woo-hoo!  And thanks for being patient, Lucy - go get your ball!