Guitar For Grownups



Robinsongs For Kids is excited to offer Music Together®'s Guitar For Grownups class!  The class is open to parents and caregivers of currently enrolled children;  if you would like to learn to play the guitar using Music Together songs as the vehicle, this is the class for you!

 Participants will learn basic strums and chords for more than a dozen songs from the current Music Together song collection.  This class is good for beginners who have never held a guitar, for people who know a little guitar, and for people who already know how to play some Music Together songs!  All participants build technique and musicianship in an organic, relaxed way while learning new ways to explore Music Together songs with their child at home and on the road.  And it's an enjoyable night out with other parents of small children.


Course materials:
You will need a guitar, a guitar capo, and a guitar tuner.

     buying a guitar:  Guitar Center in Canton, Music Go Round, and Oz's Music
     capo:  something like this is good!  (Kyser capo)
     tuner:  I recommend this!  (Snark tuner)

Class schedule:
The course runs for 8 weeks;  classes last for one hour.  

Class fee/registration:
The fee for the Guitar For Grownups class is $125 and includes 8 weekly classes and a digital workbook for the current collection.  You can register at the bottom of this page.


 Click here to view the video from Music Together's national site called, "How to Tune Your Guitar and Play the Hello Song"!



Note: This class is only open to parents/caregivers of children enrolled in the current session!

No classes are currently scheduled.