About Robinsongs For Kids

Welcome to Robinsongs For Kids of Ann Arbor and Chelsea, Michigan. We’re proud to be the top spot for kids’ music classes in southeastern Michigan!


Robin Robinson founded our Robinsongs For Kids center in 2008, after having taught the Music Together® program for eight years in various centers in New York City.  She began with two classes a week and now offers up to twenty weekly classes, and is excited to have three new teachers on board.  Robin is also thrilled to include almost all of the Music Together offerings:  Mixed Age classes (for kids five and under), Big Kids class (for kids 5 - 7), Babies class (for infants 8 months and under), Music Together With Japanese, and Music Together Guitar For Grownups.  She has also partnered locally to provide the Music Together In-School program as well as Music Together’s intergenerational program, Generations.


Being an alumnus of the University of Michigan (B.F.A. in Musical Theater), she is especially happy to be back in Ann Arbor, helping families to bond through music and discover the many benefits of family music making. 


Today, Robinsongs For Kids offers classes days seven days a week at locations in Ann Arbor and Chelsea, serving children and families from throughout Washtenaw County . Come join us for a free trial of our kids’ music classes to find out if our program is right for you and your family!